Please before editing consider the content of manga and both animes.

I've been working on expanding the content of some posts, and I would like to ask that whoever edits or create the entries, dont do it only based on The Unlimited spin off, even if it was wonderful (and it really was) reading of the manga, or at least have seen both animes, is necesary.

Consider please that ZKC tells a story that runs over more than 5 or 6 years, while the events of the unlimited are placed in the mid of the story and happens during a couple of months as much.

Having only seen The unlimited will give an idealized and partial vision of the characters, the manga and the original anime show more sides about the events, and provide more information of the character personalities, to say objective examples:

1) The actions of Kyousuke are not only those of an antihero as seen in the unlimited, he apparently looks or justice and rights, but in fact, there is much caprice in his desire to confront humans and espers (since his revenge was completed long before the anime plots) but besides his objective is not only seeking a fair society for espers, but actually he wants to lead them to rule the world, the future war is in a kind of domination effort.

2) The deep side of the confrontation between BABEL and PANDRA is not explored in The Unlimited, both aim for a better future for espers but ones want war others want to get it peacefully by project and order. BABEL inthe unlimited is depicted as merelly a goverment organization trying to disband Pandra wich is superficial.

3) The interactions between Minamoto and Kyousuke, are not clear during Unlimited, they are rivals, but when reading the manga, and during the main anime, it becomes clearer that both of them know that they sometimes have to cooperate, either to help Kaoru or facing Black Pahntom; they dont really hate each other as Minamoto have more than once shown to care about Kyosuke.

4) The unlimited leaves a taste than Kaoru Akashi actually loves Kyousuke or at least can consider him somehow, but reading the manga, by the time of the events of The Unlimited she is indeed clear about her feelings, she respects, admires Kyousuke and considers him a lot, but she has no romantic feelings towards him, and by the time he has already stopped his approaches towards her accepting that she will join PANDRA in the long run, but not implying romantic interaction,instead he realizes that she will care espers even if it means leaving BABEL.

5) The war time history, is depicted clear and understandable during The Unlimited, but its importance for ZKC is not clearly stated, is used to show the past and understand the motivation of Kyousuke, but is not even told complete, and its not really shown how the prediction actually affected all the characters.

So please if editing, try to give the all around information, ZKC is deeper than it looks, the characters are well developed, so when there is information that may differ between the materials, try to appoint it.

Anyways Thanks or the hard work put on creating the wikia :D