Black Phantom is an immoral military enterpise that works as a counter piece to the criminal organization P.A.N.D.R.A., mostly because of their action to capture and brainwash Esper to commit countless wars and crimes. Which will become a fundmental factor to Future.

Backgrounds Edit

The leader of Black Phantom, an antagonistic figure, once only dealt in lawful weapons manufacturing businesses inherited from his family. However, after the company heir married a woman with a hypnotic power that she could not control, he used his company's power and his and his wife's genetic material to artificially create two children for himself.

Those two children, Gilliam and Yuuri, became the "Son of Black Phantom" and the "Phantom Daughter," respectively, and were agents against both humanity and espers alike, causing B.A.B.E.L. and P.A.N.D.R.A. combined their forces to fought against their worst nemesis.

Organization Edit

According to Gilliam, his father and himself are working an "enterpise" which basically sell ESP itself. While both were driven by their hated against Esper, Black Phantom had pushed the boundaries of esp science through countless inhumane experments. To the point of being able of artificially provide esp abilities and enhance Esp Level via medical means, Gilliam's original plan in Feather's timeline was to provide the entire humanity with ESP as a bait, which needed sample from Kyousuke Hyoubu's dead body as his esp was enhanced by Esp Secret Service Corp's demise. At the end, destroy the now ESP-imbued humanity with Black Phantom Device that disintegrate all Esper including Fujiko Tsubomi.

The budget of Black Phantom were being supported by several international family businesses both lawful and unlawful across the world, including brainwashed esp as hired killers and refining esp military technologies. As its influence are expanded between countries and countries, Gilliam had produced his own puppet army of espers via cloning DNA tempates provided by Mirage and his own for mercenary services, and more importantly, his own motive.

The esp army itself, composed by test tube babies, are designated as Generations with the two sibings themselves re-classified as the 1st category. Generation 2 espers, whom had taken a younger appearence of Mirage and move in squad-like formation as same as the Children, are known to process specific high-level abilities of Psychokinesis and Teleportation. In later years, espers from G3, whom are more reassmble Gilliam himself and mainly process hybrid abilities, had begun a violent "game" to win more powerful enhancement under supervisions of Gilliam and G2s by assaulting B.A.B.E.L. and P.A.N.D.R.A. alikes in a worldwide battle of survival of the fittest.

Trivia Edit

Black Phantom's motif is come from The phantom of the opera.