Fujiko Tsubomi (蕾見 不二子, Tsubomi Fujiko) is a powerful Esper and the founder of B.A.B.E.L.. She has all the same powers as The Children and is able to absorb energy, usually doing so with a kiss in the mouth. Fujiko and Kyōsuke Hyōbu grew up together like siblings under the wings of her father, but they became enemies after the war


Fujiko tsubomi unlimited
For being a woman over eighty years old, she retains her youth by sucking life energy from whomever she kisses, to be able to retain her youthful appearance. Like Kyousuke she froze herself in time keeping her youthful appearance at the age of eighteen before she was suppose to be killed by the operators of the Army Esp Unit.

In her younger days, Fujiko, had mid-back length chestnut brown hair with large violet eyes; Red in the Unlimited Anime. She normally wore her hair in a pony tail, or a braid in the back that acted as a crown in the back. Before joining the Army she wore her hair down with a bow tying a few strands of her hair from the side of her face, and drawing them to the back. Like Kyousuke although she retains her youth it seems her hair has changed color from chestnut brown to light creamy-tan, almost an off white color. She has a very curvy body, that in which, she has a large bust along with a small waist, narrow hips, and long slender legs.


Fujiko is very lively woman for being over eighty years old. She can be described as female womanizer to men. Seen in episode 28 of ZKC when Minamoto went flying through the door, which caused her to be very excited, to have such a young, and handsome man in her bedroom. She has a very gentle, and caring heart towards her subordinates. Although she can be quite the tease when she tries to weasel information out of someone.

Born in a privileged family as a female during the imperial age of Japan, Fujiko was rebelling against the feudalistic society when she was a child. She joined ESSC out of different influences from people surrounding her, Satomi, Hyoubu and herself realized that she simply wanted an independent lifestyles by having others recognize her powers.


Her father adopted Hyoubu making them siblings. She is the other survivor of their original esper team that died during The Great War



She has many esper abilities, they include Teleportation, Psychokinesis, Psychometry.


Kyousuke HyoubuEdit

Seishiro Uzumi Edit


Her name is a reference to Lady Fujitsubo,  another wife of Emperor Kiritsubo in The Tale Of Genji.


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