Kaoru in the Future

Kaoru in the future.

The future is an upcoming event predicted by I-009 and I-008, where humans and espers are at war and Kōichi Minamoto shoots a 20-year old Kaoru Akashi, the "Queen of Catastrophe". Also, Feather reveals that Fujiko Tsubomi and Bullet Silver die during the war.

Earlier known events that were avoided by Feather include Nai's death due to the explosives on her head, Yō Fujiura dying with a heart attack and Black Phantom killing Kyōsuke Hyōbu and using his body to create powerful esper clones.

The changes done by Feather slightly altered I-009's prediction, the 20-year old Kaoru now having one earring instead of two and Momotarō being present in the scene.

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