Grand Touch Investigation Trail is the fourth chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children.


Shiho is scanning evidence of crimes. Kōichi Minamoto, uncomfortable about how much information she is seeing, orders her to stop and then argues with Director Taizō Kiritsubo about The Children's well-being. The argument is interrupted by the General Director of the National Police Agency, saying that they have no choice in the matter. As Minamoto is about to contend this, it is announced that the General Director is Shiho's father. General Director Sannomiya states that it is the duty of Espers to use their powers for the good of society.

Minamoto and The Children visit a crime scene. Minamoto questions why Kaoru and Aoi are there, and Shiho says that she wanted them to come. Shiho says that ten victims had been killed nearby in the past few months. Recalling the information, Minamoto says that the cause of death is unknown and that the victims just suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night. Shiho asks how a Level 3 or 4 Psychokinetic power could kill someone. After an unlikely suggestion from Kaoru, Minamoto realises that the killer could have attacked the heart or brain with Psychokinesis. After suggestive this theory to General Director Sannomiya, Shiho leaves to another crime scene with the detective in charge of the case.

Scanning the next crime scene, Shiho sees a memory of one of the victims dying but isn't able to draw a full conclusion yet. Because of the lack of evidence that she can pick up with her Psychometry, Shiho theorises that the culprit made his getaway in a car.

Minamoto pleads with General Director Sannomiya to stop letting Shiho scan crime scenes, that a little girl should not be shown the dark side of humanity. General Director Sannomiya argues that they cannot afford for her not to solve these crimes, and that Minamoto should keep his opinions to himself and obey orders.

Shiho practices on the police car to see how an Esper might use a car for this crime. She scans the car and sees that the detective is the criminal. The detective appears behind here, aware that he has been found out. He threatens her with a gun, saying that everyone will believe that she accidentally discharged it, killing herself. Kaoru shows up behind the detective and launches him through the car's windscreen. Minamoto runs to the scene, and is surprised when Shiho rushes into her father's arms.

On the car ride back to B.A.B.E.L. headquarters, Shiho tells Minamoto that he doesn't need to try to hide the darker side of the world from her, she has already seen it because of her power. She tells him that it is okay because Kaoru, Aoi, her father and Minamoto will always be there to protect her.