Invisible Guardian (1) is the second chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children.


There is a raging fire but Kaoru manages to put a lid on it. After Shiho says that there is no longer any danger of the fire getting out of hand The Children leave the job to the firefighters. Once they are gone, the firefighters say that The Children are much more frightening than the fire.

Kōichi Minamoto congratulates The Children on a great mission but is soon scolding them for being so relaxed, stating that the mission is not over until they are back at B.A.B.E.L. headquarters. Annoyed at this, Kaoru smashes Minamoto into a wall. Minamoto tells Kaoru that she shouldn't do things like that tomorrow, reminding Kaoru that she will be attending school. Noticing that Kaoru doesn't seem very happy about remembering this, he asks her and she says that not being able to use her powers will be annoying. Concerned that The Children might use their powers at school, Minamoto makes a promise to buy the Children something if they manage to restrain themselves.

The next day at school The Children introduce themselves to their new classmates. One girl in the class notices The Children's Limiters and suspects that they might be Espers. The Children take their seats at the back of the class.

Outside of the school in a B.A.B.E.L surveillance truck, under Director Taizō Kiritsubo's orders Minamoto puts on a special optic camouflage suit to spy on The Children, though feeling that it is a bit overboard. Kiritsubo explains that allowing The Children to go to school is important in proving that Espers can fit into normal society, and tells Minamoto not to allow a repeat of Kaoru's simulation. Minamoto is given a tranquiliser gun in case of an emergency.

In the classroom The Children are being bombarded with questions by their classmates. One girls ask The Children if they want to play at the nearby park sometime, and Minamoto (, invisible with the camouflage suit) is relieved that The Children are fitting in. The suspicious girl, then introduces herself as Chisato Hanai, a Level 2 Telepath. Chisato asks the girls about their abilites, and they lie saying that they are all Level 2s as well. A boy, Masaru Tōno, complains about having four Espers in the class and warns them not to take off their Limiters. Some of the classmates start to insult Tōno but Chisato defends him. Tōno storms off while calling them "Esper Gorillas", this annoys Kaoru and at the same time a chalkboard eraser flies at Tōno. Tōno accuses Kaoru of using her powers and picks a fight with her. Looking like Kaoru is going to use her powers, Minamoto readies the tranquiliser gun.