Invisible Guardian (2) is the third chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children.


Kaoru prepares to use her Psychokinesis on Tōno. Kōichi Minamoto, invisible using the special optic camouflage suit, prepares to intervene. Kaoru notices something strange about the spot that Minamoto is standing in and stops her attack. Kaoru says that she didn't use her powers to hit Tōno with the chalkboard eraser, and claims that she doesn't need ESP to beat Tōno in a fight. Tōno prepares to punch Kaoru as the teacher walks in, Kaoru suddenly starts acting innocent and Tōno is surprised at how quickly she can change her train of thought.

During P.E. the class are playing dodgeball, Kaoru and Tōno are going head-to-head ignoring the rest of the players. Chisato explains to Aoi and Shiho that she and Tōno were really close back in kindergarten, but she read his mind once and when he found out he became hostile towards Espers. Shiho empathises with Shiho, explaining that people avoid touching her hands because of her Psychometry but there is one person who doesn't feel that way. Chisato hopes that she can be like that with Tōno and that he can forgive her.

Kaoru loses her balance. Tōno sees his chance but suddenly finds himself unable to move his foot, and falls over. Unable to explain what had happened Tōno accuses Kaoru of using her powers. Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Minamoto fires the tranquiliser gun at Tōno but misses, hitting something invisible behind him.

Minamoto tracks follows the invisible object away from the scene. Having realised that there were two camouflage suits, he removes the helmet of the second to find out it was Director Taizō Kiritsubo. Having been caught, Kiritsubo starts bawling that he had to do it because the Espers were being bullied.

On the dodgeball court Kaoru and Tōno are having a fist fight. Before the teacher can intervene, they are both on the ground.

At the end of the day, The Children are surprised that Minamoto kept his promise and bought the girls the presents that they wanted. Shiho asks if it was okay for him to buy the presents before his payday, Minamoto explains that it is okay because the presents were donated by a "sponsor".

In his office, Kiritsubo suggests that they put half of the cost of the presents on B.A.B.E.L.s budget, to which Oboro Kashiwagi retorts that he brought it upon himself and should pay for it by himself.