Kyousuke Hyoubu (兵部 京介, Hyoubu Kyousuke) is the leader of P.A.N.D.R.A.. He is the main antagonist of Zettai Karen Children, and the main protagonist of The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke. He desires a future in which espers will gain their rights under the leadership of Kaoru Akashi whom he calls his queen.



Hyoubu's Scar

Hyoubu Kyousuke is the most powerful high level multi-powered Esper. He has greyish green eyes and silver hair. Despite being over 80 years old, Hyōbu seems to never age, since he uses his powers to maintain his youth.  The only physical nod to his age is the color of his hair, which was originally black. He has a bullet-shaped scar on his forehead and two others on his torso from when he was shot.



Hyoubu spending time with Yugiri

Hyoubu is the most dynamic character throughout both the parent anime and the spin-off anime. He often has a confident smirk or smile that helps to cover his other emotions. Hyoubu is the leader of P.A.N.D.R.A., a terrorist organization focused on creating a world were espers can live freely. He is arrogant, intelligent, determined, stubborn, competitive, confident, gentle, caring and heartless towards the enemies of espers. He is like a father figure to his organization. He has a tragic past; he joined the army in a young age to put his powers to good use to help humanity, but before the war ended he was betrayed and shot by Eiji Satomi, the superior whom he trusted most. As a result of witnessing how espers were abused and controlled by normals as well as his own attempted assassination by his superior (only because they feared his power and saw him as a weapon), he made a pact to never leave this world until he takes revenge on the normals. In The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke series, his opinion gradually becomes more flexible as his character develops. 


Born in 30s, the chaotic period which will soon be followed by the Second World War, Little is known about Hyoubu's parent aside from his mother was a Chinese high-level esper stemmed from the mainland and his father is one of the Japanese colonist and scientists whose studied her abilities in an island own by japan. However, as they are exploiting her power without limits, her mother become a victim of an accident caused by misuse of esp. Lost his wife and pride, his father chose to live in sorrow and wine. This resulted in Hyoubu being neglected from young age. Hyoubu's father even describe esp as a curse. That strongly affected the rest of his life as it fueled his desire to "do something good" with his inherited power, no matter as the idealistic esp soldier of japan army or the notorious leader of P.A.N.D.R.A.


Kyousuke is a highly skilled ESP user who has a wide range of abilities (which is very rare), even more than Fujiko Tsubomi's. He can use most of them simultaneously and combine them which make him a very capable fighter. While originally he possessed only Psychokinesis, after seeing his friends die one by one in front of him, somehow his friends' abilities transferred to him, such as Electrokinesis, Teleportation, Psychometry, Pyrokinesis and Hypnosis. He also has a Full Power mode in which he unleashes all of his life energy when he "gets serious" that is first hinted when he speaks about it in the 50 and 51 episodes of ZKC. This level of power seems to be the Unlimited Mode that is shown in The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke, a show based on Hyoubu that has a serious and darker tone and style.

  • Unlimited Mode (Spin-off Only)
The Unlimted Hyoubu Kyosuke or zettai karen children esper cool 5 stars animekida glowing large

Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke with his limiter

  • In Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke uses a pin on his collar which is a limiter to keep his powers in check. when he turns off the limiter he can boost to his unlimited mode and release his full power which is stronger than The Children's Triple Boost. It was heavily implied that unleashing his power put additional strain on his body and because of that it was better to be sealed. When reactivating his Limiter, he has a habit of saying "Time, eternally stop."

  • Higher than Unlimited Mode: Octet Boost (Spin-Off Only)
    Hyoubu wings

    Hyoubu Kyousuke: Octet Boost

  • In this mode, Kyousuke combines forces of himself and his dead comrades to form an Octet Boost which gives him seven wings and creates the one of the strongest powers in ZKC universe. It is possible that it can turn anything in it's path to ash. After using this, Kyousuke can maintain some power.



  • He is named after Prince Hyobu, the father of Murasaki in The Tale of Genji.
  • He has proclaimed himself to be the "Black Fallen Angel".


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