Moga-chan (モガちゃん) is a doll series from Zettai Karen Children. A Moga-chan first appears in Invisible Guardian (1) being broken by Kaoru Akashi. In Demon in the Eye (1) Kaoru is eager to buy a very rare special edition set of Moga-chan clothes in a shop, but Kōichi Minamoto refuses to buy it (years later she gains it in a Supplement).

Takashi Kugutsu is usually seen with a pink-haired Moga-chan. He also has a special 1/1 scale Moga-chan created by him that is used as a weapon. The Moga-chan has small ECMs and several normal sized Moga-chans inside her equipped with pistols. She is destroyed by the Children in Heart Breaker (3), but years later he is shown to have another life-size Moga-chan in Toy Soldiers (3).

Tim Toy also controls Moga-chans in Volume 32.