Momotarō (桃太郎, Momotarō) is an animal Esper of P.A.N.D.R.A.. he is always seen with Hyoubu Kyosuke. He is a surviver (probably the only) of an attempt to produce animals espers for military purpose.


Momotaro has yellow fur and has black eyes, as a result of the military experiments he sufered to turn him into an esper soldier he has a light buld at his back that he hides when he is in hibernation mode and on the forehead a kind of button with the shape of a plus sign.


Momotaro shows different personalities in the anime and manga; in the anime he has a cheeky personality, is very happy and bearable, while in the manga he tends to be a less easigoing and get angry more easily; However, one point in common in both publications is that he likes to make jokes to Kyōsuke, and that he enjoys spending time with The Children, specially with Kaoru Akashi.

Despite having the ability to communicate using telepathy and reason just like a human, he still maintains much of his animal origin, such as his love of sunflower seeds, or feel attraction for female squirrels.

The memories of the experiments that were practiced in him are the trigger of serious outbursts of anger, in which he loses control and indiscriminately attacks friends or enemies.




Momotarō's Lasers

Psychokinesis: When he feels threatened or wants to attack his enemy Momotaro can generate psychokinetic laser beams.

Telepathy: He mainly uses this ability as a means of communication.


He likes Kaoru Akashi and Kyōsuke Hyōbu.