Nai is a Composite Esper capable of using both Teleportation and Metamorphosis. She also shows some sort of sensory ability allowing her to do everyday tasks despite being blind.

She watches over Yuuri and often takes on the form of a black cat.

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Cat Edit

Nai Cat

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Nai Shadow

Nai's teleportation ability uses shadows as a catalyst, using the shadows as portals Nai is freely able to travel between them.


Nai often takes on the form of a black cat and follows Yuuri around. She has also been shown to transform parts of her body into a shadow-like form[1]

Relationships Edit

Yuuri Kumoi

Trivia Edit

  • Nai's name literally means "nothing".

References Edit

  1. Zettai Karen Children Chapter 186 Page 11

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