The Children

The Children is a team formed by B.A.B.E.L., it consist of three Japanese level 7 Esperr that have signed a contract with the government.

The group members are: Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami and Shiho Sannomiya. They are working together to make the world a better place, runing jobs that can go from accident prevention to natural dissaster assistance.

The task they children are being send to, may be already covered by other institutions like police or fire departments, but the condition for their involvement is an extreme risk, and the advice from B.A.B.E.L Precognition system.

The Children is at the orders of Taizō Kiritsubo, overseed by Fujiko Tsubomi, commanded by Kōichi Minamoto, and assisted by Shūji Sakaki.


Original members: Edit

Name Power Description Picture
Kaoru Akashi


Psychokinesis She's the leader of the Children, yet she's not very responsibile and tends to act hastily without measuring the consequences of her actions. She is the more powerful of the three, she focuses on dealing damage and stands always in front of the battle, if needed she can use her powers to protect the team while her partners do other tasks.
Kaoru Akashi
Aoi Nogami Teleportation Aoi is the most level headed of the three as well as the most responsibile. Since her ability is not so suited for offensive, during missions she mainly focuses on mobility supporting, and disable enemies by inmovilizing them. She has a complex about the size of her chest which she is always comparing to her friends.
Aoi Nogami
Shiho Sannomiya Shiho is practical and inteligent, she has a very bleak outlook on life sometimes because of this she has a dark and sadistic side. Even though she has no ability to fly or fight, Shiho has shifted her role in missions and unlike othe Psichometry users, she goes to the offensive by using weapons, and taking advantage of her enhanced accuracy provided by her ability. She has a tendancy to reveal people's most inner secrets.
Shiho Sannomiya

Other members: Edit

Name Power Description Picture
Kyousuke Psychokinesis


During a Kyousuke Hyoubu temporal dissappeareance, Feather absorbed his memories and personality, and assumed the child form of Kyosuke, he was took in custody by B.A.B.E.L. and he was accepted as a member of The Children in orders of Minamoto.
Yuuri Kumoi Hypnosis Yuuri was accepted as one official member of The Children since her Alingment with Blue Star Organization, she was sent to Japan to collaborate with B.A.B.E.L. Besides she has always been a friend of the former members.
Yuri kumoi


  • All the Three Original Children, have seen their future counterparts, comically they never recognize them (unless they preset themselves) and each one of them hates their future self on sight; ironically The Children harshly criticize them using their own weak points f.e. Aoi calls future Aoi a flat chested unsexy woman.
  • The Children don't like to be treated like "kids" and the three wishes to be adults.
  • On their future essays, they put that they have no future. Later they said that they will conquer the world with Kaoru as their leader.
  • Their future selfs were leading the war between humans and Espers, with Kaoru as their main leader, as seen.
  • All three love to tease Kōichi, and know it however this has never caused any problem between them.
  • They are the only Level 7 Espers of Japan, they are also the only ones that are been under the government.