The Children

The Children are three level 7 Espers that have signed a contract with the government. The group character are the level 7 Espers, Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami and Shiho Sannomiya. They are working together to make the world a better place.


Kaoru AkashiEdit

Kaoru Akashi

Kaoru Akashi

Character Outline: Kaoru Akashi

Nickname: Queen of Catastrophe
Age: 10, 13, 15, 20 (current)
Power: Psychokinesis

She has the ability known as Psychokinesis. She's the leader of the Children, yet she's not very responsibile. Kaoru hates to be treated like a "kid" and wishes to be an adult. She's currently In love with Kōichi Minamoto and there are even hints that he feels the same way.

Aoi NogamiEdit

Aoi Nogami

Aoi Nogami

Character Outline: Aoi Nogami

Nickname: Lightspeed Goddess
Age: 10, 13, 15 (current)
Power: Teleportation

She has the ability known as Teleportation. Aoi is the most level headed of the three as well as the most responsibile. She also has a complex about the size of her chest which she is always comparing to her friends.

Shiho SannomiyaEdit

Shiho Sannomiya

Shiho Sannomiya

Character Outline: Shiho Sannomiya

Nickname: Untouchable Empress
Age: 10, 13, 15 (current)
Power: Psychometry

She has the ability known as Psychometry. Shiho has a very bleak outlook on life sometimes because of this she has a dark and sadistic side. She also has a tendancy to reveal people's inner most secrets.


  • On their future essays, they put that they have no future. Later they said that they will conquer the world with Kaoru as their leader.
  • Their future selfs were leading the war between humans and Espers, with Kaoru as their main leader, as seen.
  • All three love to tease Kōichi.
  • They are the only Level 7 Espers of Japan, they are also the only ones that are been under the government.