"Yuuri Kumoi" (雲居悠里, Kumoi Yuuri) is a major character of the series and the deuteragonist of the Junior high school saga, a normal shy schoolgirl with dark hair who is actually a fake personality (but is unaware of it), created by "Mirage" to live her day life for her.


Yuuri is a very cute girl with red eyes and long black hair stretching down to her waist. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but on her days off she wears normal cloths, the kind you would find on any girl.


Yuuri is a very kind girl who is always smiling. People are always drawn towards her kind persinality. She also happens to be extremely clumsy. Even when she fall over or trips she always manages to get back up.

As the series progressed, the Phantom daughter slowly realize that Yuuri's kind nature is her true personality hidden behind cold Mirage and violent Ghost. While her bond with the Children grew stronger and the fact that Kyousuke separated her from control of Mirage, Yuuri slowly replace her obedient former self as the real person she suppose to be.


Yuuri is a one of the personas that was divided from Mirage. Though she doesn't realize that she is fake, she believes she is just an ordinary girl. From time to time Mirage will take over in order to complete her work for Black Phantom. The Children still do not know who she really is outside of school. Shiho has been shown to be suspicious of Yuuri, being more empathic in nature.




  • When she is the daughter of Black Phantom, her name is spelled in katakana as western name "Yuri", when she is a regular student, it is spelled in kanji "悠里".